Translation is not only translating words. That is the easiest part. At Liza D'Arcy Translations, we translate the idea, the essence of what the message is. Depending on the style of document, be it a slogan, contract or political humour, the tone or a style of writing often says more than a whole paragraph.

Translators at LD' Languages do much more research into their translations than meets the eye.

We translate the meaning, not just the words.


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American Motors quiso comercializar su nuevo auto "el Matador" dándole un imagine de valentía y fuerza. Por lo tanto el nombre no tuvo mucho éxito en las peligrosas rutas de Puerto Rico.

American Motors tried to market it's new car "the Matador," based on the image of courage and strength. However, in Puerto Rico the name means "killer" and was not popular on the hazardous roads of the country.

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